Sihoo M90C Ergnonomic Office Chair with Dynamic Lumbar Support

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Sihoo M90C ergonomic office chair blends skilled artistry with a divided backrest structure, promoting quicker distribution of pressure on the lower back. This feature guarantees that a broader spectrum of people can relish the comfortable and pleasant encounter that this ergonomic chair delivers.

  • Dynamic lumbar support for continal waist comfort
  • 3D coordinated armrests to relax arms in all positions
  • Double-joint headrest for precise neck support
  • 2.36" adjustable backrest to suit different heights
  • Up to 130° recline

Sit in dynamic and ergonomic comfort

Dynamic lumbar support

3D coordinated armrests

Double-joint headrest

2.36" height-adjustable backrest

Max. 130° recline

Lumbar support in tune with your waist

The dynamic lumbar support of Sihoo M90C automatically adjusts and bends to effectively suit your lower back in different postures, ensuring consistent support and comfort throughout.

Arm support in more than 3 directions

The armrests of Sihoo M90C offer more than just basic movements like upward, downward, backward, and forward adjustments; they also align with the recline function to provide support for your arms in various positions.

Double-joint headrest, extra-accurate head support

Easily customize the headrest angle using its innovative double-joint design, allowing you to adjust it according to your preferences. Additionally, you can effortlessly raise or lower it to achieve the perfect level of neck support.

Height-adjustable to suit different heights

The backrest can be effortlessly lifted and adjusted by 2.36 inches, precisely conforming to the curves of different individuals for an optimal fit.

Relax at an angle you want

Sihoo M90C allows you to recline at three different angles - 100°, 110°, and 130°. This gives you the freedom to unwind in a position that feels most comfortable and suits your personal preferences.

Refreshing and relaxing

The complete mesh construction of Sihoo M90C serves a dual purpose: it promotes better air circulation to avoid perspiration and discomfort, while also effectively distributing the pressure exerted by your body weight, keeping you refreshed and comfortable.

A style that fits any workspace

Sihoo M90C is not only comfortable to sit in, but it also looks great. Its sleek and modern design will blend in seamlessly with any office, study, or other settings.

Product Specification


Ergonomic Office Chair / Home Office Chair


HD ElastoMesh Back and Seat with Soft PU Coated Armrests


PRO Wheels


5-Point Aluminum Wheelbase


49.2 Ibs


275 Ibs