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We Were Recomemded by

"I never thought I would say this, but I finally found a chair more comfortable than my Herman Miller office chair."

"...with an “anti-gravity mechanism” that allows the chair to smoothly move and stop at any angle without needing to be locked into place."

"These flexible plates allow the Doro S300 seat to be tilted smoothly and at any angle for resting, then returned to the initial position without any effort or twisting of the back."

Who We

Sihoo is a leading specialist in ergonomic furniture, committed to providing
healthy and comfortable ergonomic chairs. With a 12 year focus on
technology and wellness, Sihoo's mission is to improve people's lives
through innovative and ergonomic furniture. Sihoo products offer a
comfortable and tireless seating experience, enabling you to work more
productively and bring your creative ideas to life. Currently, Sihoo's
ergonomic chair sare sold in 100+ countries and have gained popularity
among Fortune 500 companies and over 10 million households worldwide.