Wholesale Program


Nowadays, the global market is growing rapidly with increasing competitiveness. To welcome this change, Shenzhen Sihoo Intelligent Furniture Co. ,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SIHOO), adopts “SIHOO” as a product and sales brand. Till now, SIHOO serves more than 20,000 customers annually.

Reseller Program For Asia, South America, Africa, Australia, Please click here
Contact Email: chenzhuo@sihoo.com

Reseller Program For North America, Europe, UK
Please Contact Email: official@sihoooffice.com

A.How to Become SIHOOBrand Dealer?

a. A dealer should submit the next year's brand promotion plan before December each year;

b.A dealer must follow SIHOO's advertising contract/agreement requirements;

c.A dealer should provide the corresponding advertising costs and promotion evidence;

d.A dealer's advertising materials must meet the VI standards of SIHOO Headquarters.

B.The advantages of becoming a SHIOO dealer:

Support for Store Opening:

1) Subsidies for showroom renovation;

2) Free showroom design (graphic design, construction drawing, model, etc.) from SIHOO headquarters.

Brand Promotion Program:

SIHOO will bear 50% of a deal’s promotion expenses (the upper limit ≤ 5% of a dealer's annual purchase amount).

Training Program:

a.Training course at headquarters

b.Online training courses

c.SIHOO point-to-point training at business trip abroad