Sedia da ufficio traspirante Sihoo M57 in rete intera per stile di vita sedentario

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Remain productive and imaginative with the Sihoo M57, which provides all-day cooling comfort. Its fully breathable mesh construction effectively prevents perspiration and discomfort, even in warm conditions. Moreover, the Sihoo M57 boasts various amenities like a sleek seat back, adaptable armrests, lumbar support, and other features, guaranteeing an exceptionally pleasant sitting encounter.

  • Full breathable mesh design for all-day coolness and comfort
  • Streamlined backrest contoured to your spine
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable lumbar support
  • Large 126° recline angle
  • 3-directional armrests

Keep your cool

Sihoo M57 ergonomic chair's complete mesh construction guarantees excellent air circulation, effectively preventing perspiration and discomfort. It allows you to remain cool throughout the day, even in hot weather, without feeling sticky or sweaty.

Full breathable mesh design

Contoured backrest

3D armrests

Dual-adjustable lumbar support

Total back comfort

Sihoo M57 is purposefully crafted to offer comprehensive back support, with its sleek and streamlined seat back conforming to the natural "S" shape of your entire back, from top to bottom.

Recline and relax

Feel free to take a break and lean back in the Sihoo M57 chair, offering an ample recline angle of up to 126°. This enables you to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate before tackling your next task.

Adjustable and customizable lumbar comfort

The lumbar support can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, effortlessly conforming to your lower back and offering reliable support in various sitting positions.

Support for your creative minds

Customize the headrest easily with 3.9 inches of vertical adjustment and a 45-degree rotation, providing perfect neck support and relieving pain in different sitting positions.

3 directional armrests for omni directional arm comfort

Sihoo M57 is equipped with a set of 3D armrests that offer flexible adjustments, allowing you to customize the support for your arms and shoulders while working.

Complete control at your fingertips

With utmost simplicity, you can reach down and employ the handle to customize the recline angle and seat height to suit your requirements. Enjoy complete control within your reach.

Made to last

Sihoo M57 chair features a steel gas lift that has successfully passed the SGS test. Its chair legs are made of aluminum alloy, accompanied by various premium materials. Thanks to these robust components, the Sihoo M57 guarantees enduring seating comfort that will last for many years.





Black / Grey

Product Dimensions

‎30.31"D x 13.39"W x 25.59"H

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Maximum Weight Recommendation

‎330 Pounds