More scientific design of the production process

More scientific design of the production process

We have thought about many problems, the product is good, the product what is the purpose, after thinking about more research, more is to provide a healthier ergonomic office chair, we have pursued this goal of doing more for product design , through which The human body is constantly looking for problems with the consumer's sitting position, head, back, buttocks, hands, feet and many other parts of the human posture. For this reason, from the design source, to the sketch production, the model design to the size of the fine measurement and the proofing test, after 10-100 times of confirmation, we carry out the final completion of the product sample, just to make the product to create a healthy sitting position.

After completing all product design and testing, the product will enter the proofing stage, do some experimental product production, we have more than 10000 ㎡ workshops, if our experiment is a very great product, then it will enter small batch production, we have one more perfect, more comprehensive production area, from auto parts manufacturing to product assembly. Complete the entire product.

For some parts, we have accessory processing engineer who has more than 5 years to deal with each accessory. We agree that every product part engineered has a better story. After testing each accessory, we will test the semi-finished product, and finally complete the test of the whole product, and finally enter into mass production and sell to all parts of the world.

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