The largest product science laboratory was born

The largest product science laboratory was born

The SIHOO Testing Center was founded in November 2014 and covers an area of about 1000 square meters. In order to provide more scientific and better products, we are equipped with 8 laboratory staff, the company's independent testing department, mainly responsible for testing the mechanical and physical properties of the company's products.

The company strictly implements the national "measurement law", the "quality law" and other laws and regulations related to testing, has a set of scientific and standardized quality assurance system and process, from product research and development to product test production Perfect product test standard.

The test room planning includes a mechanically comprehensive test area, a physically and chemically comprehensive test area, a packaging test area, an ergonomic test area, a sample room, an office area and other relevant functional rooms.

At present, the laboratory has acquired more than 30 sets of testing equipment for testing raw materials and finished products. The testing equipment used to evaluate the structural strength and durability of products includes: six-channel frame integrated machine, the visitors comprehensive strength testing machine, armrest strength testing machine, impact testing machine, office chair, office chair, backrest fatigue life testing machine testing machine, the stability test weight , Chairs, stability test, office chair armrest, enduring and alternating flexural fatigue test, casters, durable, manual seat depth adjustment and other testing equipment. For raw materials and packaging and transportation processes of product safety testing equipment, including universal tensile testing machine, sponge compression testing machine, TABER wear testing machine, cardboard rupture strength, side pressure, oblique impact, drop testing machine, pressure box testing machine and other equipment testing.

Each chair we make must go through a comprehensive multi-point test, headrest 3-minute test, 136kg retraction test, push and slide chair back 120,000 times, armrest 115kg test, air pressure bar safety test 120,000 times, chair foot 1136 kg fracture test, chair wheel 98000 times slip test, through the full set of safety and quality tests, we pack and transport the products to any best chair;

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