Sihoo M76A Ergonomic Office Chair with Coat Hanger

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Style: Grey

Upgraded from one of our best-selling and classic chairs, the Sihoo M76A offers a brand-new design and improved ergonomics. The double-jointed headrest provides precise neck support, ensuring greater comfort. Additionally, the M76A features a larger and higher backrest, providing enhanced back support. The built-in coat hanger is also a convenient addition, allowing you to effortlessly hang your coat or hat.

  • Double-jointed headrest for precise neck support
  • Bigger and higher backrest to offer more back comfort
  • 120° recline to relax comfortably
  • Flip-up armrests for extra convenience

Our classic chair, now upgraded.

Double-jointed headrest

Bigger, higher backrest

120° recline

Flip-up armrests

Double-jointed, extra comfort

Compared to the older model, the Sihoo M76A chair now features a headrest, which can be adjusted around two joints and moved upward and downward. This enhanced design provides optimal support for your neck, offering a more customizable and comfortable seating experience.

Something to hang your coat on

Sihoo M76A comes equipped with a coat hanger, providing a convenient solution for hanging your coat. This feature not only keeps your coat wrinkle-free but also helps save space.

Bigger, higher, cozier

The backrest of the Sihoo M76A is now larger and taller compared to the older model, providing enhanced support and comfort for your entire back.

Adjustable lumbar comfort

Easily adjust the lumbar support up and down to better hold your lower back.

Flippable armrests, accessible convenience

Effortlessly flip the armrests up to better suit your sitting posture or to conveniently fit the chair under the desk, taking up a smaller footprint.

Recline, relax

Lounge comfortably whenever you need a short break— the Sihoo M76A offers a maximum 120° recline angle.

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Soft and comfortable

Sihoo M76A boasts a big and soft seat cushion, made of thick, plush sponge wrapped with high-quality mesh material, making the cushion not just comfortable to sit in but also easy to clean.

Stay cooool

The backrest of the Sihoo M76A is crafted from premium mesh material, providing a refreshingly comfortable support for your entire back.