Defy Gravity With Sihoo

Defy Gravity With Sihoo
Imagination Splash - Capturing your gravity-defying moment, Get rewarded for your disinctiveness.
Doro S300 breaks through core technological limitations by introducing Sihoo's 6th generation Anti-Gravity Mechanism, delivering a revolutionary seating experience that defies gravity.
Every moment that transcends limitations is truly praiseworthy. Share your gravity-defying moments with us—whether you're freezing mid-air while jumping on the bed, challenging gravity with handstands, or gracefully floating in backbends.
Join our "Defy Gravity With Sihoo" event for a chance to win $1000 and the incredible Doro S300.
To Enter:
✅Follow us @sihoo__official and like this post.
✅Post the creative creation photos of Defying gravity on your Instagram profile with the hashtag #DefyGravityWithSihoo #SihooOffice and tag our official account. This is the key step for us to discover your creations.
📅 Deadline for Content Collection: February 15th , 2024
🏆 1000$ x 1
🏆 Doro S300 x 3
📣Winner Announcement: February 15th
Defying gravity
✨Content Guideline:
1. Capture photos that align with the theme “Defying gravity”. The photographs must be original and taken by yours.
2. Describing the exhilarating moments of beyond limitations, along with the feelings experienced during the defying gravity challenge.
Winner Selection: The winners will be selected through a combination of the quality of the entries and the interaction data of the post.
Good luck and have fun!💥

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