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Price 399.99 379.99
Cushion materail Full mesh Sponge cushion
Seat Height (from floor) 47-55.5cm 43.5-53.5cm
Seat Depth 42cm 47cm
Overall Height 116-138cm 117.5-127.5cm
Recline angle 100-110-130° 102-112-130°
Headrest Dual-joint swivel headrest, 5cm lift Dual-joint swivel headrest, 5cm lift
Backrest Lift
6cm 6cm
Armrests 3D PU linking armrests 3D PU linking armrests
Lumbar support Smart dynamic lumbar pillow Smart dynamic lumbar pillow
Chair wheels φ60 PU casters φ60 PU casters
Chair foot 350 aluminium alloy 350 aluminium alloy