How can we minimize waist damage in sedentary office workers?

How can we minimize waist damage in sedentary office workers?

When we work long hours in the office, we often have back pain. Today, let's talk about the causes of our back pain and how to effectively relieve our back pain.

The causes of back pain in the office

Don't pay attention to the warmth of the waist

We spend most of our work time indoors. In summer in particular, we prefer to turn on the air conditioning to ensure cooler temperatures. But due to the low temperature, the blood supply to the fibrous ring of our intervertebral disc is low and the nutrient supply is dependent on the cartilage infiltration, which is very limited there. Especially if we do not pay attention to the warmth of the waist, so that the waist is long-term in the cold wind, the local blood circulation of the lumbar spine will be weakened, which can easily lead to lumbar spine degenerative disease.

Incorrect sitting posture
When we work seriously, bad posture occurs because we neglect our sitting posture. Let's see what the difference is between sloppy sitting, overly leaning forward sitting, overly focused sitting, and correct sitting.



A. Relaxed Sitting Posture: Note (above) the degree of arching of the upper part of her back, the sloping shoulders, the slumped chest, and the basically unarched lower back. This sitting position is the trigger for the problems described above (herniated discs, breathing difficulties, neck problems, etc.).

B. Sitting with head tilted forward: This posture also causes flattening of the lumbar spine and excessive arching of the upper back. However, the most tormented part of this pose is the neck. Note that the neck can hardly support the head, which can easily lead to headaches and neck pain.

C. Overly Concentrated Sitting Posture: At first glance, this seems like a good posture, but like standing upright in the Standing Pose, this is a posture that cannot be maintained for long. This sitting posture is too strenuous for the human body. She doesn't just have to overly focus on her sit bones (see below). It also excessively pushes the shoulders back and compresses the joints of the upper body. Not only does this lead to muscle tension, but it also flattens the spine.

Excessive stress and anxiety
Don't ignore the damage we do from stress, anxiety, and other emotions that can trigger muscle spasms in the lower back, resulting in back pain. And when we have back pain, most of us will involuntarily reduce leisure drinking fitness activities, while often accompanied by a number of psychological behavioral problems, such as: poor appetite, insomnia, anxiety and depression, etc., causing poor circulation.



Long over-focused work

When we are too focused on our work, the muscles throughout our body unconsciously become tense. Our hands often hover in the air, especially when typing, which increases the acidification of the muscles and thus promotes back pain.

How can we minimize the damage to the back?

Positioning of the pelvis
Because many people lack the perception of the position of the pelvis and spine. Often they think they are sitting in the right position, but often they actually aren't. The pelvis is at the center of the body, if the spine is the top pillar of the body, then the pelvis is like the foundation of the house. Imagine if our foundation is not right, how is our house supposed to be right? So the first thing we have to do is to straighten the pelvis, the position of the pelvis with the right waist, chest and spine so that we are also in a correct condition as a person.

We often hear people in the gym mention the pelvis or pelvis tilt, it sounds like a big problem, but in fact, whether it's tilting or tilting, but also relative to the position of the spine.

The anterior or posterior tilting of the pelvis itself is not the focus of our attention, after all our pelvis is not stationary in our daily life.



What we need to look for is whether the shape of the spine has changed, e.g. B. A significant increase or decrease in spinal curvature, resulting in a significant forward or backward tilt of the pelvis. This will seriously affect our physical condition.

Correct sitting posture



No matter how perfect our sitting posture was at the beginning, no matter how healthy we were, it is difficult to stay in the same position for a long time without rest and it is detrimental to our health and muscles.

If you sit in the right position, your back will tire from using new muscles. A short break is good for these muscles.

That's why we should get up and stretch if we're going to work an hour or more.

Appropriate massage
Learn some massage methods, such as B. Trigger point massage, you can get a muscle massage when you take a break, the trigger point is the muscle is most likely to cause tension in some places, press these points can often double the result with half the effort, each trigger point pressed 10-12 times a day 3-6 times, stick to the massage, then the tension of the shoulder and neck, play a very good effect.




Sternocleidomastoid trigger point

Choose a chair that suits you
At work, to maintain the correct sitting posture, and to maintain the correct sitting posture is best to buy an ergonomic chair, because the ergonomic chair is to regulate sitting, relieve the spine pressure and the design of the chair. Even if you keep the same sitting position for a long time, it will not produce a feeling of pressure on the body, so it is more conducive to our health, plus, you can also have a good state of things, work efficiency doubled !

So how do you choose a better, more suitable for their own chair?

The core of the selection: sitting comfortably

Even if the ergonomic chair, if it does not suit you, then it is difficult to play the role of the ergonomic chair. If you want to do comfortably, then you must consider the following points: ergonomic design, more adjustable elements, seating experience (fit and packaging), safety and stability

①Ergonomic design
The original purpose of the ergonomic chair is to have good support for the neck, back, hips, arms and legs, the importance of ergonomics is that the tool can fit the user's natural condition as much as possible. This mainly depends on the back of the chair, lumbar design to fit the body and support, of course, different people's feeling will vary.



②Adjustable elements
Each person's height, hand and leg length is different, so it is impossible to design a fixed size of the chair to fit everyone, this time the chair has enough adjustable options to meet the different height and weight of people who use it specific to the individual, adjust to a sedentary the most comfortable relationship.

③Seat experience
A suitable chair is the most important thing to make you feel comfortable while sitting. Most cushions on the market are divided into sponge and mesh. For sitting with ultimate requirements to have a better sense of envelopment, then the sponge cushion will be your best choice. In particular, you can choose a W-shaped pillow, which fits the hip perfectly and disperses the pressure on the hip. If you are a sweaty person, then the mesh pillow is a better choice. Add PP material mesh cushion, not only more comfortable and breathable, but also can maintain long-lasting non-deformation.

④Security and stability
Security and stability is also one of the biggest issues that we have to consider. The main ergonomic chair is the air pressure bar, the quality of the air pressure bar on the market varies, the thickness of the outer tube and the inner core of the first and second air pressure bar thickness is small, not fully able to withstand the 120,000 times rotation test and 100,000 times Passing the impact test, which will be a safety hazard in our daily life. So when we choose the ergonomic chair, the first choice of the air pressure bar more than three levels, but also need to pass the SGS international certification, BIFMA US office furniture certification. This type of chair will make us sit comfortably.

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