We now accept PayPal and various credit card payments. If your credit card has been declined multiple times (Note: You may have poor spending history), please consider using a different company's credit card or utilize PayPal for payment. We are working towards accepting more payment methods in the future to enhance your shipping convenience.
All updates regarding the new payment methods and currencies will be posted on this page.
Once your order has been securely processed online, we will no longer store your PayPal and credit card information. Your card details will be verified automatically online by, the world's leading secure online payment provider. We are happy to address any questions you have about secure shopping with us.
Note: Please ensure that you enter the correct English shipping address during the payment process; otherwise, the items you've ordered will be sent to your default PayPal address.
How will I know if the payment was successful?
Once the payment is successful, you will receive the transaction receipt via email.
What should I do after I have made the payment?
Rest assured that after a successful payment, you simply need to wait. We will process your order within 24 hours and deliver within 1-2 days.
What are the stages of my order?
For each step of the order, you will be kept informed via email about the payment details (date, packages, package tracking, etc.). This information is also available on your account page.
Why did I pay for the order, but the order status still shows as "pending"?
We typically process the order and ship it on the second day of payment. Only after your order has been shipped will the status change to "completed"; before that, it will show as "pending".
Why does my order status show as "completed", but I haven't received the goods?
The "completed" status indicates that the goods have been shipped. It does not mean they have been delivered. You can track your package using the tracking number provided in the order.
I placed an order and the payment was not successful. When I returned to the order, I can't find options to make the payment again. What should I do?
An unpaid order will not be processed; you can simply disregard the unpaid order and proceed with a new order, then make the payment for the new one.

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