Dynamic lumbar support

Premium independent backrest

Multi-directional armrests

Premium mesh material

Sihoo Doro S Series

We've come far to provide the 6th generation of mechanism

The mechanism is the ergonomic chair's core, showcasing the highest degree of technical sophistication, and it plays a crucial role in determining the overall seating experience.


A weightless recline experience

With the help of anti-gravity mechanism, whenever you need to relax a bit during your work, you can smoothly recline on the Sihoo Doro S300, stop at any angle you want (without the need to lock the backrest at a certain angle), and return to an upright position effortlessly.

Lumbar support that cradles your back

The wing-like dual dynamic lumbar support consists of two separate pads, offering comprehensive and dynamic support for your lower back,
regardlessly of your body shape and sitting posture. Additionally, the gas lift allows you to fine-tune the lumbar support (90°-105°) for a perfect fit.

Coordinated support for the full body

When reclining in a standard chair, the increased pressure on your thighs can lead to muscle strains, especially during prolonged periods. The Sihoo Doro S300's seat cushion and armrests automatically adjust to coordinate with the backrest when reclining. This feature ensures that various parts of your body remain relaxed and comfortable, enhancing your overall seating experience.

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Sihoo Doro C Series

Dynamic lumbar support that moves with you

However you sit and change your sitting position, Sihoo Doro C Series' self-adaptive dynamic lumbar support moves with you, staying contoured to your lower back and keeping it relaxed and comfortable, all without the need for manual adjustment.

Streamlined backrest that flexes and comforms

Sihoo Doro C Series's backrest boasts a streamlined design that naturally aligns with your back. Moreover, as you move your upper body from side to side, the backrest smoothly adjusts and conforms to your back, providing continuous support, all thanks to its flexible triangular frame.

Rest your neck with high precision

Freely adjust the headrest up and down, back and forth, or rotate it precisely fit the curve of you neck and provide the ideal amount of support and comfort. The wide surface also provides enough area for you to comfortably rest your head on the side.

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