Ergonomic office chair from Sihoo

Ergonomic office chair from Sihoo
Sihoo began establishing an ergonomic technology R&D center in 2012 to lead the innovative R&D of the company's products. In 2016, the ergonomic innovation application base was established under the Sihoo R&D Center, and the ergonomic test center was completed in the same period, marking the formal establishment of a mature R&D system integrating design, production, simulation testing and improvement. In order to fully integrate the company's beneficial resources, Sihoo and Shenzhen Ergonomics Application Association (SAEA) established Sihoo Institute of Technology in 2019. Sihoo Institute of Technology will provide overall direction for Sihoo's academic research, product development, technology application, talent nurturing and other work with the goal of building a "world-leading, internationally renowned" enterprise demonstration research facility based on ergonomics research. Serve Sihoo internally, promote the Company's technological innovation and product improvement, and create Sihoo's industry benchmark image; face the industry and society externally, integrate beneficial resources with Shenzhen Ergonomics Application Association, and jointly promote the application and development of engineering furniture.

Seated study
How do you define a good fit? Experts from Sihoo Research Institute believe it should start with understanding sitting posture. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, various new devices are used in people's daily work and life, and the sitting posture will also change accordingly with the changes in equipment and working methods.
posture and seat
Sitting is a natural posture of the human body. It can relieve muscle fatigue, reduce human body energy consumption, and help the operator adopt a more stable posture to perform various delicate and fine motor tasks. However, persistent poor sitting posture also has many disadvantages for human health, such as human body, but also good support and guidance for users in different sitting positions.

Make the occupant's gravity distribution appropriate and relax the muscles
The thighs are roughly horizontal and the feet are naturally on the floor

Multi-dimensional body support, correct your sitting posture

Multi-function adjustment, more convenient for posture changes

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