Reseller Program

In today's rapidly growing global market, characterized by increasing competitiveness, Shenzhen Sihoo Intelligent Furniture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SIHOO) has embraced the "SIHOO" brand for its products and distribution. To date, SIHOO serves over 20,000 customers annually.
A. How to Become a SIHOO Brand Reseller?
a. A reseller should submit the brand promotion plan for the next year before December of each year.
b. A reseller must adhere to the advertising contract/agreement requirements set by SIHOO.
c. A reseller should provide the relevant advertising costs and proof of advertising.
d. Reseller advertising materials must adhere to the VI standards of the SIHOO headquarters.
B. Benefits of Becoming a SHIOO Reseller:
Store Opening Support:
Subsidies for showroom renovation.
Free showroom design (graphic design, construction drawings, models, etc.) provided by the SIHOO headquarters.
SIHOO covers 50% of the advertising expenses for a deal (capped at ≤ 5% of a reseller's annual purchase amount).
a. Training course at the headquarters.
b. Online training.
c. SIHOO point-to-point training during overseas business trips.
For more information on becoming a reseller, please contact us at: